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5 Ways to Save Money On Your Corrugated Packaging

By Rand Whitney May 5, 2017


Being Smart About Saving Money

Making sure you have the right corrugated packaging is critical for your business operations. You want your products to be in top condition no matter their destination. Hiccups and damaged products cost time and money (and frustration).

Spending right on your corrugated packaging, though, doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot. By employing these smart strategies, you can get the packaging your business needs at a lower cost, improving your profitability.

Reduce the Board!

Less board = less $$$. This one sounds simple, but it can get a little tricky. Before you go ahead and downgrade any of your packaging, make sure to get it ISTA tested so you know you’re still adequately protecting your product.

Deeper is Cheaper

Instead of having your corrugated boxes open from the top, change up the orientation so your product is side loaded. This will reduce the amount of board in the packaging. Remember, less board = less $$$.

Rand WhitneyConsolidate those SKUs

Reduce the number of different boxes you use by having a packaging audit performed to see where consolidations are possible. This can be done without compromising product protection by adding custom inserts or fillers where needed. By reducing the number of SKU’s you will increase your order quantity to decrease your price.

Get Tested…ISTA Tested

Not sure if you need that extra insert or mullen board? Get your packaging ISTA tested by a certified packaging professional. ISTA tests are important for verifying shipping claims and help ensure that your product will make it safely to your customer.

Recycle & Use Recycled

Get paid for all that extra corrugated waste you have stockpiled in your warehouse by finding a corrugated supplier that acts as your recycler and offers recycled corrugated products. This allows you to close the loop on your corrugated consumption and get a little money back for your waste.