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Investing in Technology for a More Efficient Future

Capital Investments

Our company believes that in order to maintain success and operate as a responsible vendor we need to continuously reinvest profits back into our business. We’ve used this strategy to build new plants, purchase new machinery and invest in upgraded technology.

Packaging Facilities

Local facilities lead the way in packaging conversion.

Paper Mills

Our network of mills supplies us with a continuous supply of paper.

Converting Equipment

Using world-class machinery, we are able to efficiently manufacture quality packaging.

New Boylston, MA Facility

This state-of-the-art facility is an exciting endeavor for Rand-Whitney, our customers, employees, and the surrounding community. Through this new manufacturing plant, we are able to provide world class service and fast turnaround times that keep our customers’ operations running smoothly. In addition, we have standardized the equipment within our facilities in order to increase productivity, coordination and the consistency of goods produced.

Equipment Redundancy

At Rand-Whitney, our facilities employ the practice known as equipment redundancy. This means we use several of each kind of converting equipment. By doing this, we are able to easily move jobs and crews between redundant machines. When one machine is undergoing maintenance, there is always another that can run your job.

Evol machine.

Evol FFG

The Mitsubishi Evol Flexo Folder Gluer is a workhorse machine that is capable of producing over 22,000 boxes per hour. We’ve installed several throughout our facilities in order to increase production volume and maintain operational consistency and quality.

Apstar machine.

Apstar RDC

We installed our first Apstar RDC in 2020 as a high powered die cutter that is perfect for eCommerce business. What we found was a machine that is both an excellent printer and capable of running accurately at high volumes. We have since installed 2 more.

Innovative Technology

To stay ahead of the game and service our customers in the best way possible, we need to be able to evolve. Investing in the most up to date machinery and technology helps us bring more to the table to meet your ever-changing needs. From converting equipment to virtual packaging management tools, we strive to be the best partner for your business.


The Engico Dual Size Jumbo Rotary Die Cutter is equipped with both 66″ and 99″ die-cutting tool cylinders. This machine is designed to help corrugated plants respond to changing market demand. With available configurations from Printer Slotter RDC to complete multifunction Flexo Folder Gluer Stitcher Taper up to 196” wide, the production possibilities are endless. The Dual Size allows you to process on a 66″ machine with sheets up to 99″ in flute direction and no repeat of graphic or dies.

Increased Efficiency

When it comes to being a premium corrugated manufacturing partner, the name of the game is efficiency. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are always delivered quality packaging, right when they need it. One way we’ve accomplished this is through introducing ancillary pieces of equipment that support our primary converting machinery.

Raptor Robotic Load Former.

Raptor Robotic Load Former

Robotic Load Formers help our facilities keep up with the incredibly fast pace of our converting equipment. This piece of equipment uses a forked arm to grab strapped bundles coming off the line and automatically orientating it into predetermined pallet patterns.

A machine is being used in a factory.

Twin Box Slitter

A twin box slitter is a piece of equipment that is placed in line at the end of a flexo folder gluer. The idea behind it is to double the amount of boxes produced while simultaneously decreasing the necessary blank size to allow for smaller boxes. Small boxes are run combined before they are chopped in half by a sharp blade creating two smaller RSCs.

A conveyor belt in a warehouse.

Smart Cart

Smart carts are a system of automatically moving, track mounted carts. They are designed to move sheets from the dry end of a corrugator to the pre-feeder of the designated machine. The smart cart is told what sheets belong to what jobs so that when it receives them it knows where to bring them. This allows us to achieve maximum efficiency out of both our corrugator and converting equipment by ensuring that we never have any back ups.

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