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Molded Fiber

Environmentally conscious and fully customizable, choose molded fiber to protect your brand.

Wine bottles in molded pulp packaging.

Your Packaging Partner

Molded fiber packaging is a tried and true solution that’s found new life in todays eco-focused climate. By combining sustainable characteristics with proven protective capabilities, molded fiber can provide the optimal packaging solution.

Perfectly Stackable, Storable, Shippable.

When compared to other protective solutions like foam, molded fiber has a huge advantage in space savings. By nesting together, molded fiber lends itself to efficient warehouse storage and increased truck load quantities. This makes molded fiber a cost-effective packaging solution.

Best Sellers


Designed with two hinged halves that open and close like a clamshell, typically used for packaging food, electronics, or small items.


Molded in a flat, shallow shape, often used to hold and display products, such as fruits, vegetables, or baked goods.

Contoured Fits

Designed to closely match the shape of the product it holds, providing maximum protection and minimizing movement during shipping.

Better Benefits. Better Packaging.

Environmentally Conscious

Made from recycled fibers, biodegradable and compostable.


Can be shaped and sized for specific products.


Shock-absorbing properties reduce damage during shipping, lowering returns and waste.


Lightweight and able to nest helps reduce shipping and storage costs.

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