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Since the beginning of the eCommerce boom, inside print has become an important part of consumers’ unboxing experience. Having inside print gives companies the ability to communicate with customers throughout their journey. The problem is, they don’t want to, or can’t, sacrifice outside print to get inside and running both requires two passes. Packaging that requires two passes means they need to go through the machine to be printed on the inside, then again to be printed on the outside and die cut. This increases the price.


As we invest in new technology, our team looks at what our customers need and makes every effort to meet them. We installed a new Apstar rotary die cutter with the future of eCommerce packaging in mind. The machine has the ability to print 3 colors outside and 2 colors inside in a single pass. By converting our customers’ artwork to run perfectly on our Apstar, we were able to provide them with a package that has inside and outside print.


Our customer was ecstatic to be able to provide their customers with a unique experience that displayed their branding and messaging, inside and out. We were also able to maintain competitive pricing.