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Many of our customers have locations all over the country, making logistics difficult to manage. It’s even more difficult to find a single vendor that can manage the whole country. As a result, they order packaging from multiple different vendors and have to employ a large team to manage each facility’s purchasing needs. With this many people, communication becomes tricky, making for an unnecessarily complicated process and increased costs.

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We’re the experts in packaging, we know the ins and outs of the supply chain. Our team helps consolidate our customers packaging needs to provide a truly end-to-end solution. We provide a small team that communicates with our customers to understand their needs and operational challenges. We then use this information to choose the correct plant from our network of packaging manufacturing facilities, taking all of the headache off of your plate. After the packaging specs are designed, they are uploaded into our proprietary eCommerce system. Here orders can be easily placed with the click of a button, usage levels can be tracked, and deliveries can be tracked.



Rand-Whitney coordinated the design, supply, and shipment of packaging for 24 of one of our customer’s locations. By centralizing packaging services, we were able to implement programs that saved them $1.4 million, while alleviating the headache involved with having multiple vendors!




million in Savings