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Molded Pulp Conversion

Wine bottles in molded pulp packaging.


As consumers have become increasingly focused on eco-friendly products in recent years, companies have been looking to become more sustainable themselves. One of our customers, a large beverage distributor, was using bubble wrap combined with a corrugated insert in order to ship their product. This solution used excess void fill and plastic, creating an environmentally unfriendly connotation in the consumers eyes. It also created a complex packing system for employees.


We helped them implement a new solution to keep their bottles in place. Using molded pulp, we were able to provide a 100% sustainable, 100% recyclable packaging solution. As an added bonus, Molded pulp is much easier to use in fulfillment settings too.


Our customers were presented with cost savings and a much more environmentally friendly solution. We are able to utilize a portion of the scrap from our own corrugated facilities to produce the molded pulp. End users will almost always recycle the material making it one of the most sustainable options. The straight forward design leads to easy assembly in distribution centers, saving our customer time.