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In store point of purchase displays are an invaluable part of many large retail brands sales strategy. With crowded shelves, it can be hard for your product to stand out amongst the hundreds of others. Displays not only make this possible, but can also provide meaningful information to consumers. The challenge is that most displays you see in stores need to be swapped out seasonally or as new deals and promotions are launched. This is a great way to keep things fresh, but it can also be costly and limiting. Our customer was looking for a way to circumvent this by being able to update displays easily and at lower cost.


We created a display that utilized core brand colors and designs that could be used in stores throughout the year. The display had a detachable header that our customer could swap out with minimal cost to them. We accomplished this by moving the header from litho laminate to digital print. Litho had been used for the display body, but changing to digital for the header meant new print plates weren’t required to make updates. Digital print has no tooling, allowing for fast turnaround times and low costs.


The use of digital headers not only lowered our customers point of purchase display costs, but also greatly increased their flexibility and speed to market. This made them nimble enough to launch new promotions and swap out products at a moment’s notice.