Sustainability Update

Sustainability defines who we are. It’s in our DNA – at the core of every product we make, and shaping the way we do business.

We believe good business and sustainability go hand in hand.

As a vertically integrated company with our own 100 percent post-consumer waste linerboard mill, we are able to offer our customers packaging that uses a very high percent of post-consumer waste. Our world-class linerboard mill transforms more than 900 tons per day of old corrugated containers into 700 tons per day of recycled linerboard and is the only mill in the country to do so with 100 percent post-consumer waste and water. The depth of investment in equipment and construction makes this project one of New England’s largest manufacturing developments of the past decade.

Through the use of recycled fibers we are able to provide a sustainable solution for the packaging products we supply to customers. Our mission is to produce high quality, corrugated paperboard to meet the increasing demands for environmentally friendly products and address our customers’ obligation to be socially responsible to the environment. To accomplish our corporate goals, we use a wide variety of quality raw materials and apply modern production techniques. We believe that recycled mills that listen to their customers and produce high performance, quality board will succeed in the decades ahead.

Rand-Whitney is committed to establishing science based emissions reduction targets by the end of 2023, through working with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Closing The Loop

A model of environmental responsibility for the packaging industry, the loop opens when corrugated waste is purchased from our customers. This waste is recycled and reverted into 100 percent recycled linerboard paper that we then use to manufacture new recycled corrugated containers. Lastly, these containers are supplied to our customers, which ultimately closes the loop of Recycle, Revert, Reuse.

Recycled Materials

Step 1: Recycled Materials The loop starts with Rand-Whitney Recycling, who collects baled old corrugated cases (BOCC) from our customers to be recycled. Rand-Whitney Recycling brings this supply of post-consumer waste fiber/BOCC to our recycled linerboard mill in Montville Conn.

Recycled Paper

Step 2: Recycled Paper The Montville, Conn. mill is a state-of-the-art recycling facility, using in excess of 900 bales per day of BOCC (approx 400 tons) from our customers and consumers. This is then recycled back into linerboard.

Recycled Boxes

Step 3: Recycled Boxes Lastly, the loop is closed when we transform the recycled linerboard paper from our mill into 100 percent post-consumer waste corrugated packaging – providing our customers with a working sustainable solution that is easy on the bottom line.

Let Rand-Whitney help you create innovative paper and paper-based solutions that unpack less waste, offer greater efficiency and sales for your company. Choose sustainable, creative paper and paper-based packaging solutions. The earth will thank you, and so will your customers.

Corrugated packaging is the most recovered packaging material on the planet. Over 92% is recovered each year. But the benefits don’t stop there. Packaging companies strive to make a difference by converting those recycled boxes back into packaging and planting more trees to help maintain healthy forests. Our customers are able to plant the Paper for Packaging logo, recycling instructions, and QR code on the bottom of their box to ensure consumers stay well informed on how they can help!

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