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Rand-Whitney Upgrades Worcester Corrugator

February 6, 2019

As a leader in the packaging industry, Rand-Whitney is committed to continuous improvement.  That improvement can come through our training and attention to quality or larger investments in machinery and facility upgrades.  Just last year we certified our headquarters to ISO 9000:1 standards and invested in upgrades to the production campus.  Most recently we made significant upgrades to our corrugator allowing for faster speeds and better board quality.

Rand-Whitney remains involved in every step of the manufacturing process.  Our mill in Montville, CT manufactures the linerboard, which we then convert to corrugated sheets using our very own corrugator.  The upgrades we made to this valuable piece of machinery will ensure that we are able to have access to the highest quality corrugated sheets at the most competitive costs.

Having a say in every step of the process allows us to consistently offer our customers not only a quality product but quality service as well.  The marked increase in speed and efficiency has allowed Rand-Whitney to improve its ability to create the fast turnarounds providing us with a great competitive advantage.

Rand-Whitney Corrugator

The corrugator is currently running 60% more efficiently than it has in the past.  This creates the opportunity to eliminate wasted time between jobs and improve product flow throughout the plant.

This effort, along with the overall culture at Rand-Whitney, starts at the top.  Our ownership group has become one of the best in the manufacturing business by continuously showing a desire to improve and a willingness to invest in state of the art equipment.

The last 3 years have seen Rand-Whitney leadership invest in one brand new facility in Dover, NH and two facility upgrades in Pawtucket, RI and Worcester, MA.  These advancements, along with the dedicated work of our employees, have allowed us to remain one of the premier manufacturers in the region.

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