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Trends in Corrugated Packaging

By Rand Whitney May 5, 2017


Environmentally Aware Consumers

Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the products they are purchasing, including the packaging they come in. Since corrugated is a recyclable product, prominent buzzwords like ‘100% recycled’ and ‘Eco-Friendly’ are becoming staples on most packaging. With the help from packaging engineers, box strength, inserts and packing fillers are being carefully considered to find the best sustainable solution that doesn’t compromise strength or price.

Right-Sizing to Save Money

Rising shipping costs due to the change to dimensional weight pricing has been a big game changer for the way companies are packing out their products. This industry change has increased shipping charges on average 30-40%! To combat this massive increase companies are re-engineering their packaging to optimize the space their product actually needs.

Rand WhitneyeCommerce & Millennials

It is no shock to anyone that the retail channel of choice for Millennials is online, but did you know that Millennials in particular have very specific opinions about a product’s quality based on its packaging alone. Almost 70% of Millennials make this quality association, as compared to only 40% for older generations. This has led marketers and product developers to focus on finding quality designed shipping boxes and packing, similar to how they would for in-store merchandisers and retail shelf packaging.

Technology Saving Money

Corrugated boxes and the need for technology aren’t typically in the same sentence, but this is the new key for companies to save money on their packaging. By partnering with a supplier who provides mobile and web-based tools for managing your packaging you will see reduced material costs and huge time productivity savings. Click here to learn more about Rand-Whitney’s packaging technology platform proven to save time and money on their packaging.