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Finding the Right Box for the Job

By Rand Whitney September 4, 2018


Finding the Right Box for the Job

When you are starting a company the las thing you will be thinking about is the packaging that you are going to ship your product in.  But believe it or not, this is as important as anything. The first thing the customer touches is going to be the package the product comes in. It’s not just the print on the packaging that matters either. We’ve all been frustrated trying to get things open, when all you want to do is see what you’ve just spent your hard earned money on.

Packaging Made Easy

The most famously difficult package to open is the clamshell design. Everyone knows what we’re talking about. The hard plastic shell that razors and plenty of other products come in. The one that’s impossible to open without scissors or a knife. It serves a purpose, to prevent theft, but it is extremely frustrating to consumers and does not provide a good first impression. BuyBoxes wants to provide packaging made easy. The ease of use that the custom box your product will come in goes a long way to providing a positive customer experience.

Mailer vs. Shipper vs. Gift

Custom BoxesThe Mailer

The three basic boxes that most products come in are the Mailer, the Shipper, and the Gift Box. Each has qualities that are beneficial in certain situations. The mailer is the least expensive box. When your boxes go together the mailer does not require glue or tape, which cuts down on the time spent packing your product and therefore cuts down on the money you spend. We know when you’re running a business money can be tight, so choosing the Mailer can help you save money to spend elsewhere. Another amazing benefit of the Mailer is that it is extremely easy to open and close, allowing for continued use. The tabs on the front flap allow it to close without using tape. So not only can customers easily open their package, they can use it for continued storage.

The Shipper

Custom Shipping Boxes

The shipper is the sturdiest box. Easily customizable to fit any size, it is also the most popular box. A lot of people just want to order a custom-shipping box that can fit a product to exact specifications and look good while it does so. The shipping box can generally be used to move most any product and can be printed with your logo or design so it doesn’t just look like a boring brown box. It is the dependable, tried-and-true box that can be customized for an exciting look and feel.

The Gift Box

Dessert Boxes

Last but certainly not least, we have the Gift Box. The Gift Box is great for just what its name says: gifts. Usually made of lighter material than the shipper, (however, as always, that can be changed) the Gift Box is perfect for shipping smaller light weight goods to people. It has what we call a 1-2-3 bottom because it quickly locks into place when you pop it up in 3 easy steps. You can then easily use its tuck top to re-open and re-close it whenever you want. This makes it perfect whether you’re shipping company products or personal gifts because you will be able to easily open and close it with out ripping up the box by re-taping it.

Customization Doesn’t End There!

Although these are the most popular boxes and the templates offers for self-customization, that does not mean the possibilities end there.  We can help you design any box you want whether you need a lid or custom inserts to hold your product, no design is unattainable. When it comes to designing the perfect custom packaging, the world is your oyster; all you have to do is contact us today!