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Press Release

Rand-Whitney Installs New Engico

March 14, 2024

In February, we installed our latest piece of state-of-the-art converting equipment; The Engico. The Engico is an extremely unique piece of equipment that will provide us with increased converting flexibility. The core value is it’s ability to convert large boxes, but in reality it is so much more.

The Engico is a dual size jumbo rotary die cutter equipped with both 66″ and 99″ die cutting cylinders, effectively acting as two machines in one. It is able to run a variety of common items such as regular slotted container, end and side slotted trays, one piece folders and five panel folders with no tooling. The machine can glue, stitch and tape in line, making converting bulk bins and other large double or triple wall items much more efficient. This Engico is also a very capable printer with up to three color print available.

Our team is excited at the possibilities this provides our customers. In the past, large format packaging was not easy to come by, but now our customers can utilize just-in-time delivery. The machine will be converting single, double and triple wall board to support packaging of all strengths and sizes. 

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