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Press Release has Big News!

January 28, 2019

It’s Finally Here! has launched a brand new, updated site and it looks… AMAZING! Our new and improved website offers a cleaner look and an easier way to design boxes. BuyBoxes is the perfect place to find customizable packaging with quick turnarounds and an easy design process.

From the small business that wants to expand their brand through custom packaging to the corporation that needs to get a project done and needs it done yesterday, we’ve got you covered.  We understand that time is money and you need your packaging fast.  Because we don’t require tooling to build your boxes, we can bring your projects to life instantly.  This makes BuyBoxes the perfect place for prototyping and short-run projects that need to have dazzling graphics.

Design and Order Custom Printed Boxes

BuyBoxes is the go to spot for instantly customizable packaging. Your brand means everything to the success of your business, and building a recognizable brand can be tough. Custom packaging is the perfect way to get your business pointed in the right direction. Luckily for you, our new site makes this easier than ever.

Along with our existing editor that allows you to design right on an already formed box, our new pro-editor will give you the capability to design right on a die line that we produce for you. For some people, especially those who know their way around the packaging industry, artwork is easier to place on the die line. When using an existing design, you’ll be able to transfer your artwork right from one die line to another without wasting any time.


That’s not the only added bonus!

You can now create inside print just as easily. When you’re creating your masterpiece on the die line that’s provided, all you have to do is flip a switch and die line for the inside of the box will appear. In today’s ever-changing business climate, and with the increase in eCommerce business, inside print is a key aspect of developing your brand. This function will allow you to create the ultimate unboxing experience for your customers. In years past people have created beautiful artwork for the outside of the box but have neglected to improve the inside. The inside print is a key element because it is part of the image that’s left in your customers head the first time they see your product. Not only can you design the inside of you box but you can select what color board you want on both the outside and the inside.

The upgrades don’t stop there! We’ve added a shopping cart feature, so you can create and save numerous designs. This makes team meetings even easier. Instead of bringing one design to the table, you can show up with options. Your team can then compare, contrast and change the designs at any time.

Re-Ordering is Easier Than Ever!

We hope all of our customers love their custom packaging so much that they hurry back for more, so we added a re-order button. Once you’ve ordered a design from your shopping cart, all you have to do is go back into saved projects and click “re-order”. If you want to edit an already ordered project to make subtle changes or improvements, all you have to do is press duplicate and begin editing the copy of your original. This makes it easier than ever for business owners to maintain a consistent supply of beautiful custom packaging.

Whether you’re a marketing coordinator looking for promotional packaging, a small business owner trying to put yourself heads and shoulders above the competition, or an eCommerce company that needs creative packaging to make your delivery a memorable one, new and improved website can become your competitive advantage.

If you’re ready to start using packaging that will improve your brand, visit or give them a call at 877-253-7364

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