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How White Ink Will Benefit You

By Rand Whitney October 2, 2018

News Solutions to Old Problems

For as long as people have been printing, they have struggled to get crisp, clean, and opaque print on non-white surfaces. Most of the time, when you would print a color like yellow or blue on a non-white surface they would come out looking translucent and washed away. In order to get a good solid color you would have to run several passes on your printer just to get anywhere close to a good look.  The biggest problem is that customers become frustrated when the color they chose isn’t what they receive. Nobody is happy when they pay for something that doesn’t look the way they envisioned it.  The use of white ink can help solve many of these problems, making beautiful branding easier than ever!

Why do You Need White Ink?

Recent breakthroughs in white ink have allowed printers to avoid many pitfalls of the industry. It acts as a blocker to create a base for other colors to print cleanly on. The main benefit of the ink is its opacity. A blue that would once have looked washed out or distilled on a Kraft board, now looks like the vibrant color it was intended to be.

Most large printers print in CMYK, which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black). CMYK is intended to be used on a white surface. If you print on a white surface, then you will end up with great color in your print. However, most people have ambitions reaching far beyond white surfaces. That’s where white ink comes in. It acts as a base layer so that you can achieve perfect coloring on other surfaces like vinyl or Kraft paper.

When you are working out the branding for your company you need everything to be perfect. The last thing you want is a washed out logo that doesn’t properly showcase your business. Using white ink can assure that the graphics central to your brand identity come through pristine every time. After all, customer first impressions are the most important part of packaging.

Benefits Beyond Being a Base

White Ink

The benefits of using white ink don’t end at being there. By backing only part of your design with white ink, you can highlight the colors that are important and make them jump off the box!

White ink can be used as a stand-alone. Just because it works well to support other colors doesn’t mean that you can’t use it by itself. Because it is so thick and opaque it really pops on its own against darker surfaces such as Kraft or black material.

Another option for accenting your graphics is to place a white outline around the design. You can use this to make your text stand out.

While knowing the benefits of white ink is definitely beneficial, we recognize not everyone is an expert on printing and graphic design. Should you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We can have a graphic designer look at your project and advise the best way to use this helpful tool to make your artwork pop!