Specialty Industries is now a proud member of the Rand-Whitney family!

On July 17th, we officially joined Rand-Whitney Container!

We’re proud to join a family owned company with a passion for serving their customers and the community they work in. The Kraft family is committed to investing in the betterment of this company. We are excited to continue to grow and improve along with the rest of Rand-Whitney. We’ve made a seamless transition into the organization, aided by the fact that we have aligned values and corporate identities. Everyone here is dedicated to first-class customer service and delivering an innovative packaging solution.

Rand-Whitney brings over 75 years of experience and knowledge of the packaging industry. Using this knowledge and our growing network of world-class manufacturing facilities gives us the opportunity to better serve our customers throughout the region and across the country.

On top of an expanded reach, we have access to a wider range of packaging products that are immediately available to our current and future customers. This includes protective packaging (foam, crates, molded pulp etc.), digital printing and litho laminate. Customers will also have access to our in-house package testing lab, an expanded team of packaging engineers and graphic designers.

If you have any other questions about Rand-Whitney or how we can help please fill out our contact form or click one of the links below!

Address: 175 Walnut St. Red Lion, PA 17356 Phone: 717-246-1661

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