Custom, critical, time-sensitive and highly protective. We make packaging designed to execute for all military and armed services needs.

Mission Ready Packaging

When mission-critical products require mission-ready packaging, Rand-Whitney is up to the challenge. We know that no two military contracted components are the same and no two custom packaging jobs are the same. Our team of packaging engineers takes the time to understand your military product’s unique characteristics so that we can protect your shipments from any supply chain journey.

Not only does military packaging have to be tough, it also has to be functional and protective to the product inside. In order to accomplish this, we utilize a wide range of protective materials designed to support, cradle, isolate and protect your product. These include a variety of woods, foams, corrugated and plastic materials.

Once we have developed your new packaging design, we put it through all the drops, bumps and hits you can expect it to take during shipping with our ISTA-certified test lab.

Military Packaging

Corrugated Packaging

Industry-leading corrugated packaging for your brand - from warehouse to store shelf.

Retail and Promotional

Make your packaging a showcase for your products and brand.

Protective Packaging

Custom packaging solutions to protect your most important products.

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